Carly Slawson is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in San Diego, California. She was raised vegetarian, and has been vegan for over 10 years for environmental and ethical reasons. Plant-Based nutrition has been a life long passion of hers, as well as its application to Mindful Eating, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, and General Wellness. 

Carly completed her Bachelor's of Science Degree in Foods and Nutrition at San Diego State University. She then underwent a year long rigorous clinical Dietetic Internship with the UC San Diego Medical Center. She is currently working towards a Master's Degree so that she may offer more widespread health education and improved community resources in Health and Nutrition.  

Carly has been providing nutrition counseling and education to the San Diego community since 2012 as both a student and professional. She is an active member of the California Dietetic Association - San Diego District, currently serving as the Social Media Chair. 


Outside of her life as a dietitian, Carly enjoys traveling, photography, and getting outside! Whether it be biking, hiking, or taking archery lessons, it's all about having fun and trying new things. In between her bursts of adventuring, she enjoys crafting of all kinds: knitting, sewing, jewelry-making and more. After an evening of experimenting in the kitchen, she's happy to curl up at home by the fire with a cup of tea and her two kitty companions.

Welcome to The Mindful Vegan! I'm Carly, a plant-based dietitian with a passion for intuitive eating. As a lifelong vegetarian, and vegan for over 10 years, my mission is to share the joys of healthful plant-based living with the masses; from the simply veg-curious to the level five vegans.
I help men and women rediscover the pleasure of eating with a plant-based whole foods focus and practical nutrition advice. Available for nutrition counseling virtually or in person in the greater San Diego, CA area.